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Ungrateful Bliss


This isn’t actually Odette here…this is her writer. This was my year-long experiment to see if I could write and to drag my creative friends along with me. They were huge champions about the whole thing. Thanks guys, you know who you are.

I write quickly since I have my own business, a hubby and three kids which = no time. So my stuff is not checked over (thank you for trudging through the mistakes while digesting the writing). This is like a first draft that I put on the blog and I know it didn’t exactly receive a huge response or anything, but I have been asked to put a manuscript together so that will be interesting. I’ll try and use all the best parts and hopefully ditch the worst. Now that I know what the story is I will be able to organize it, make it flow and fill in the gaps.

Thanks to bloggers,  Alastair, Conor Cullen Lola renxkyoko Bert Imaginecontinua tokcsin vicky Nafees Lemonissimo clanmother  Robert Grishman Ioanna Patrick and Richard  for being supportive and coming and going throughout the process. It was really fun for me.

Chris’s writer and I are talking about doing another story blog together with some new characters. If that happens, I will post the link on here. Thanks again to the readers and to everyone who took a little time out of their day to peek into Odette’s life. It was fun!

-Odette’s Writer


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