Ungrateful Bliss

Note: I put all the 2012 posts back up. Some of the first few posts are a bit disorganized and I will fix them over the next couple of weeks. I was originally going to go back in and update it all but then I changed my mind. So here is the original blog, written in 2012 real time and back to normal.

A blog about love, loss, & the college student down the street.


Mom to a 4-year-old daughter with autism

Edits wedding videos mailed to her by a company out in California.

Reads poetry

Plays 1 video game on her phone


Does a lot of vacuuming, laundry

Has looked young for her age her whole life

Currently figuring out autism and grief


Doting father to Zoe

Husband to Odette

Sometimes writes songs

Never knows whether he should grow a beard or not


Chris’s best friend and bandmate

Plays guitar.

Helps his dad with his construction business when the band isn’t touring or recording

Jake Nead

The college student down the street.

Also plays lots of video games.

Played football in small town southern high school but injured his knee, making his college scholarship a bust.

Very much aware of how girls see him and is sometimes irritated by the attention, sometimes not.

He surfs when he can get to the East Coast.

Doting dog parent to Milo.

Thinking about taking a gap year to travel and hike some mountain trails.

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