First Summer Without Her

It is the loneliest summer ever…and my first summer ever without my older sister. She died in a car accident 11 months ago. She was 9 months pregnant. Whenever I see something exceptionally beautiful, I think it’s her.

Published by Emmerson Grace H.

Writer for Odette on (Wordpress blog) BA in fiction writing Mom of 3 with an amazing husband. We play lots of music, dance every day and read tons of books. Writing Inspiration: The skateboarders of my teens, the artists & traveling adventure-seekers of my 20's and the musicians of my 30's. (My 7-year-old son thinks I should add that I am not actually blue...that's just filter effects and the light from the computer screen. And my husband says I look like I am from Avatar or from Nabu. But...oh well.)

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