The Selfless Game

When I was a blonde, pigtailed, obnoxious but polite child in England, my communist (the good kind) Grandma had a tube of Smarties in her purse. They are like MnM’s, like colorful, chocolate jewels that melt on your tongue. There was only one left and Meliah wanted it.

My Grandma said, “Well, this is for Odette.”

I said, “Meliah can have it.” Meliah didn’t like me very much back then. I was a pretty good little dancer and I guess that won too much praise from her favorite adults. But now here was an opportunity presenting itself for me to get on her good side.

“Why?  Don’t you want it?” My grandma asked me in front of us both…the last Smartie in her open palm.

Not realizing I was playing a game of who could be the most selfless, with the greatest moralist of Liverpool I said, “Yes, I want it, but she can have it.”

Instead of my sister getting the last Smartie and me getting some sister points, my Grandma said, “Because of your selflessness, Odette, I’m going to buy you a whole new tube of Smarties, just for you”

Thanks Grandma.

You know Jake has beer bottle Christmas lights strung across his front door. He also has a huge black truck that he parks on his yard that is covered in wood chips instead of grass. On my walk this evening I heard yelling from his house like people were killing each other. Then I realized they were shouting at Grand Theft Auto. What am I doing? I have it all with my amazing little family. But I guess sometimes you don’t want the whole tub of Smarties just because you are seemingly a good girl. Sometimes you just want to scheme some affection.

Published by Emmerson Grace H.

Writer for Odette on (Wordpress blog) BA in fiction writing Mom of 3 with an amazing husband. We play lots of music, dance every day and read tons of books. Writing Inspiration: The skateboarders of my teens, the artists & traveling adventure-seekers of my 20's and the musicians of my 30's. (My 7-year-old son thinks I should add that I am not actually blue...that's just filter effects and the light from the computer screen. And my husband says I look like I am from Avatar or from Nabu. But...oh well.)

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