Like Jewels That You Can Eat

When I was a blonde, pigtailed, obnoxious but polite dancer-child, my activist Grandma had a tube of Smarties (from the England aisle at the grocery store) in her purse. They are like MnM’s, like colorful, chocolate jewels that melt on your tongue. There was only one left and Meliah wanted it. My Grandma said, “Well, this is for Odette.”

I said, “Meliah can have it.”

“Why?  Don’t you want it?”

“Yes, I want it, but she can have it.”

My grandma was so impressed by my selflessness that she went out to the store and bought me my very own entire tube of Smarties…rendering my meager attempt to make my older sister like me better, useless. Truthfully, I didn’t really even care about that last Smartie or I would have just eaten it. So, I didn’t want or deserve Grandma’s gift. But maybe she knew what she was doing because since then,  I have been trying to be worthy of that extra tube.

Even with what happened the other day. I still haven’t given up hope that I’m going to deserve those Smarties someday. Is that stupid of me?

You know Jake has beer bottle Christmas lights strung across his front door. He also has a huge black truck that he parks on his yard that is covered in wood chips instead of grass. What am I doing?