He was out there again this morning. I just drove by him. I’m too nervous to even look at him again, never mind stop the car and talk to him.  Talk about a relationship regressing.

Speaking of regressing, something kind of weird…Zoe hasn’t called me mama for a while. It has probably been about 2 months. I figure it is just a phase but it is kind of weird. Also, she could do her letters and numbers at 14 months which is totally genius-baby (this child could be on Ellen).  But she seems to be loosing interest or forgetting them. Also at 18 months she memorized all of the states from her United States puzzle we do together. She is loosing interest in this too. Of course there is no info online about genius 2-year-old’s forgetting letters and numbers they already learned.

I need to probably just focus on her and not on Jake down the street. Right now Chris is in the living room drinking a beer and playing a soccer video game online with some random people in like, The Constitutional Monarch of Euroguay or somewhere in the world. He can’t pause it to talk or answer me about my concerns with our little Zoe, because it will mess up his game.

p.s. One thing I never mentioned because it is kind of embarrassing and weird, but it will explain why I am so shy about talking to Jake again…When I was at his house, while kissing him,  I passed out on his couch from my head wound. He was so scared he called an ambulance and since I was so out of it when they got there they took me to the hospital! How embarrassing. Not only that but when they were putting me in the ambulance, Jake ran down the street, knocked on my door and told Chris that I passed out on the street (he failed to mention I even went inside his house). So Chris ended up riding in the ambulance with me to the hospital. When I was finally lucid I was mortified. I haven’t talked to Jake since. Chris has no idea that I have ever even had a conversation with Jake. He just thinks that Jake is the guy who saw me pass out on the street. So, you see…embarrassing drama. I’m fine by the way. I do have 10 stitches though. It is high enough on my head that I’m able to hide it behind my hair. It may seem like I’m being brave about the whole thing but after birthing a child, getting whacked in the head with a stick is like, 2 CM dilated.

Chris just called in from the living room, “Whatcha Doin?”

Me. “Um writing an email.”

When did I turn into such a liar?

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