Hello Weekend

This weekend I am going to talk to a girl in town who has a little boy with autism. I just want to ask her some questions and find out which doctor she takes him to. The online autism sites I have been devouring all say, “early intervention is key in recovery,”  over and over again. So I realize I can’t wait to see if this “regressing” business is a phase that will pass.

My parents want us all to go to their lake house but Chris probably won’t want to go, and also my parents and I will  be stumbling around in a grief-haze since it is getting so close to the anniversary of Meliah’s and baby Lisa’s passing.

I’m also going to call my younger Sister, Astrid, in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) NY. I want her to send me a new mix of mp3’s. She is the music Goddess. I haven’t seen her since Meliah’s funeral. She deals with things in her own way.

To take my mind off everything I’m going to try something I’ve never done before…make soufflé. That should at least get a bit of a laugh out of my parents.

p.s. On Monday I will post the excerpt from my story that I promised I would post.

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