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Crazy Weekend

What a crazy Satruday…beach fun then I saw Jake out at a club.

We (Chris, Zoe and I) went to the beach, fun! I noticed a couple of weird things though. There was another little girl that looked like she was Zoe’s age and I saw her tell her mommy that she needed to go potty. It was very strange to see. There is no way that Zoe would ever tell me she needed to go potty. We are so far from that skill.

I also noticed that when we were walking on the beach I had to pull Zoe along with her hand, or even her wrist. But the other little girl walked right next to her mommy and they looked at each other and even chatted a bit.

It worried me. I haven’t been worrying about autism but I feel like I am starting to see some potential problems…and it squeezes my heart, so I try not to think about it.

So, I decided to try out some dance therapy that night and get rid of the anxiety that was threatening to creep back up on me. Lisa was “totally in”. So Chris said he didn’t mind staying home with Zoe as long as I put her to bed before I went out.

It was a perfect night. The dance floor of the club is outdoors and the moon was high. When I looked up at it in the dark blue sky I could see the lines of lanterns strung from the dance floor to the bar.

Jake was there. I hadn’t seen him since I’d gathered up my clothes and scurried out his door last monday morning so it was a bit of a shock to see him. I didn’t even know where we stood. So much had happened that week with Zoe’s autism diagnosis that I didn’t even know if I ever wanted to talk to him ever again…or if I would be completely offended if he blew me off.

I’ll tell you tomorrow what happened at the club, but before I go, check out what  Zoe and I wore to the beach:

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