A Diagnosis

We got the diagnosis today.  Zoe has HFA, or high functioning autism. Supposedly that is why she crashes into the couch, she needs extra “input”. Supposedly that is why she chews through a pacifier in 3 days, and why she is a little genius but can’t put her enormous vocabulary together in sentences.

I’ve been reading the Generation Rescue website and also all the latest articles about the causes of autism and it looks like I’m on a lot of lists.

1.I had a virus during my first trimester with a fever, that alone can raise the probability of autism.

2. I ate a ton of tuna fish which is packed with mercury.

3. I took Zoloft which is now associated with autism.

4. Zoe did a catch up immunization session of 5 shots at once just 2 weeks before I made the appointment to have Zoe evaluated. Supposedly this is fine for most kids but if Zoe has a mitochondria disorder, which is common with kids with autism, the “overdose” might have sped her regression.

My “friend” told me that all the toxins from mom and dad get dumped into the first child and can cause neurological damage. I find that hard to believe.

But it looks like Zoe’s autism is is pretty much my fault. I read an article that the newest information is that autism is associated with auto-immune issues passed down from guess who?…Mommy. I suppose that would explain why “spectrum kids” have a harder time shedding toxins which contribute to neurological damage. I also read though that autism might be reversible because the “switches” are not missing or damaged just flipped to the off position. So I wonder if perhaps they can be turned back on again someday?

I just wish I knew all this stuff before…before I got pregnant. What else am I missing? How else am I hurting my baby? I need to find out about this GFCF diet business. Generation Rescue is so sure about how much it can help but our pediatrician simply says it isn’t “proven. I need to talk to someone who studies and knows about nutrition. This article seems a little over the top.But if it is valid, it would mean a total and complete lifestyle change for our family…which I am completely prepared to do if I need to.

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