Easy – by Astrid

I feel the warm steam on my face as the door opens.

Fall asleep. Look asleep. Don’t breathe like you’re awake.

“Hey babe?” he says as he sits at the edge of the bed wrapped loosely in a towel.

I say nothing.

“I’m sorry about last night.”


“When you left, I ended up meeting up with Banks and we went to Chelsea. I guess I fell asleep at his place and when I came home this morning, you were gone.”

“What?” I manage as I opened my eyes slowly. He drops his towel and prances around the room putting on his pants.

“Well, I thought you were over it all. When I got back you were out.”

I look at him confused. Where did he say he went?

“I’m surprised you’re back and I’m happy to see you here in our bed,” he says suggestively as he slowly buttons up his crisp chino pants.

“Oh,” his confidence is nauseating sometimes.

“Babe, I’ve got to go,“ pulling the polo over his head. “ I’ve got to catch my flight, its Boston this week. Can we fix this when I get back? You and me, no one else, I promise.”


“Love you,” he says as he checks his cell phone. He quickly grabs his bag and he’s gone.

Staring at the ceiling I try to sort out what just happened. Who is Banks? Did I know he was going to Boston? I drift from questioning Jonathan’s story to committing last night in the park to memory. I stretch out the sheets over my head and pull his shirt over my knees. It feels easy. I close my eyes to dream of trees.

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