No Show

Jake didn’t come over today. He just didn’t show up. Oh well. I don’t know what I expected.  I also got up early and cleaned out the fridge. I had Chris take the car to work instead of riding his bike so I could hear the car pull up if he decided to come home early for some reason. Isn’t that awful?

I put on a cute outfit and even mopped the floors.

All morning, Jake just didn’t show. Then it was time to get Zoe from camp in the early afternoon. Chris brought me the van, took his bike back to work, and I went to pick up Zoe. I cried in the car on the way there. I brought a bottled water with me and splashed it on my face before I went in to get her. Her teachers probably could tell I had been crying.

Then when we got home, and after I put Zoe down for her nap, I saw online that Kristin Stewart cheated on her man, and how awful it looked. The comments under the article were frighteningly scathing about how the director she cheated with was a family man and ‘how could he do this to his wife and kids?’

I just sat there and looked at the screen. She kissed that guy? She had everything in the whole world and she totally made out with that director, who also had everything in the world. I wasn’t the only horrible, horrible person out there. I wasn’t alone. They too were cursed with ungrateful bliss. I looked at the picture and thought…she is so young. You do stupid things when you are young. But the guy, he knew better. Then I realized, I am not the Kristen Stewart. I am the older married one with the child. I am the true villain here.

But I don’t feel like a villain, I thought to myself as I sat cross-legged on my chair, with my elbows resting on my bare, freshly shaved knees slathered with yummy-smelling lotion. Am I a villain?

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