Bad Morning

“Did you read about Kristen Stewart and that director?” I said as we headed to the kitchen.

“Who is Kristen Steward?” he said.

“Oh come on, Twilight?”

“Is she that vampire actress? One of the many?”

“Did you read about how she cheated on her boyfriend with a married director?”

“I don’t keep up with that stuff. I read about sports.”


As I went to open the fridge he intercepted my hand, pulled me in and wrapped his arms around me.

“Did you really ask me to come over to look in your fridge?” he said. He pushed some hair behind my ear and smiled.

“Yes, actually. I’m really worried about Zoe and everything I read was conflicting and I thought, you know, with your Nutrition major, that you could help…remember?”

“We have all morning though, right?” he said, eyeing the guest room from the open kitchen.

“Well, there is a chance that Chris could come home and he is very stealth on his bike.”

“Why would he come home?”

“I don’t know. He just does sometimes.”

Jake furrowed his brow. He stepped back from me. “I’m gonna go then.”

“But you said you were going to do this.”

“Not if I’m going to get my ass kicked in the process.”

“Can you just look in the fridge really fast and tell me what is good for Zoe and what isn’t?”

He shook his head and ran his hands through his hair with frustration. Then he yanked open the fridge door and said, “OK, let’s see what you are doing to this kid.”

He took out the milk. “This has casein in it. You don’t want to give her cows milk, organic or not. You should give her almond milk.” He slammed it back in the fridge door. I jumped a little. Then he took out the organic apple juice. “This is like drinking sugar. All the nutrients are lost in the juicing process. Sugar feeds candida…bad for spectrum kids.  Just give her water.” He stuck that back in the fridge with a thunk and took out some cheese from the dairy drawer. “This has casein in it and it isn’t organic. Dairy doesn’t leave the body for two weeks. Get rid of this.”

He stuck the cheese back in then took out some eggs. “Not organic.” He shook his head, then stuck them back in and slammed the dairy drawer shut. I was starting to get angry.

He took out some blueberries. “Not organic again.” He said. “You are pretty much feeding her poison. Don’t even give her berries if they are not organic. Spectrum kids can’t shed toxins as well as the rest of us. Feeding her pesticides is a terrible idea.”

“But I wash them” I said, but he cut me off with,”Doesn’t matter. The pesticides seep into the berries.” He slammed them back into the fridge.

I thought about asking him to leave but i realized that I was both a little afraid to and also quite astonished at his knowledge.

He grabbed some tofu. “This is nasty,” he said. “A major allergen. If you must give her soy it has to be organic. Same thing with these potatoes. Don’t ever buy potatoes or even potato chips that are not organic. They are the number one thing that are soaked with pesticides.” He tossed the potatoes back in the crisper bin, closed the fridge and yanked open the freezer. He took out some popsicles. “These are full of artificial color, which is so bad for kids it is banned in all civilized countries except for the United States.” Then he tossed them back in and slammed the freezer door shut.

I didn’t know weather to thank him or tell him to get the hell out.

“Is that what you wanted?” he said, then he tried to grab my hand. I yanked it away and stared at him angrily. ”

“Why did you have to be so rude about it?”

Then he simply turned and left, banging the screen door behind him. I walked over to the window and watched him breeze down the path, out of the gate and off behind the trees lining the sidewalk.

I sank down on the couch and buried my head in my hands, tears spilling through them. My brain scanned his sudden change in demeanor, my slight fear of having him in the house, how terrible the food is that I am feeding Zoe. This was too much. He was too much.

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