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Hinted at Reversibility

Went to a DAN dr yesterday. She is also a pediatrician who is respected around town. The Dr. understood Zoe’s regression. I told her the sudden decline is like Charlie’s fall from genius in “Flowers For Algernon“. She had read that book and nodded sadly. I found my self trying not to cry when explaining the skills Zoe has lost over the past couple of weeks. She can’t operate the DVD player anymore that she used to amazingly navigate, and she stopped saying “yes” and “no”. We told her about how Zoe is clear as a bell when she has a fever and the doctor said that this hinted at reversibility. I’m not getting my hopes up too much but I feel like we are at the right place. So glad to have found someone to guide us through this medically. Tomorrow we bring Zoe back in for blood work…relieved to have help.

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