Beach Lightening

We’re at the beach. It is storming and Chis and Zoe are in the car in the beach parking lot. There is no safer place to be during lightening than in the car. The rubber tires protect you. I saw it once on myth busters. I am on the sand. The rain is washing the salt out of my hair and into my mouth. It is lovely. The thunder is crashing so loud that it drowns out all of my fear. The lightening is brighter than the sunset, crackling down around the semi circle of white capped ocean. I’m alone here. This is what life is all about.
Chris got me out if bed this morning. He left work early at 10 am and dragged me out of bed and into the car where he had Zoe all strapped in. He said maybe if he took me to my favorite place on earth it would get me out if my funk.
Meliah used to surf these waves. If I look hard enough into the waves, maybe the lighting will light her up somewhere. But the rain is too thick. I’ll never find her. Maybe I should join Chris and Zoe in the Car. Sigh. He’s going to be so mad at me.



About Odette

Odette's character is written by Emmerson Grace Hayes. email: If only small talk could be replaced by dancing...
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