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By, Jake

I’m actually almost feeling sorry for that guy. I’ve always thought, if he can’t satisfy his wife, then fuck him, I’ll do it for him. But after he came over today, for a few minutes I actually felt like maybe what I was doing wasn’t such a good idea.

He just opened my door on his own and stood there looking at me playing video games on the couch. I put down my controller and got up to see what he wanted. I was getting a bit pumped because I wasn’t sure if I was about to get in some stupid fist-fight at my front door. But he just stood there looking really pathetic and he said, “We have a daughter.”

“We do?” I said and couldn’t help but smile at my joke. I looked at his face, ready to duck, but he was just standing there looking miserable. Then I felt bad. I said, “OK, you and Odette have a daughter. I know that”

He said, “We have a 2-year-old daughter with autism.” He looked utterly dejected. It was terrible to see a guy looking like that. I could feel the back of my neck getting itchy and my cheeks burning. I knew what he was saying. This wasn’t funny anymore. “Ok dude” I said. Then he turned and walked away.

I left the door open and leaned against the wall. A surprisingly cool breeze brushed against my face. Odette’s husband continued down our path to the sidewalk. He didn’t turn back around. I relaxed a bit. My roommate, Danny was sitting there on the living room couch playing video games and he said, “Oh man, that was brutal. What are you doing dude?”

I said, “Shut up, Danny. Just shut up. I paused for a while while Danny gunned down everything in front of him. “I still like her though,” I said.

“I know you do. You are a misogynistic fucked up bastard.”

“Philogynist, not misogynist. I like women.”

“I disagree,” Danny said. “What about that little girl with autism? I’m pretty sure you know she would rather have Daddy around than you.” He gunned the last man down with splendid annihilating technique. But even so, I noticed he still had a few things to learn.

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