Are you Leaving Him Because I Told You To?

“Are you leaving him because I told you to?”

“Why do you think everything is about you?”

“Because to me, everything is about me. It is a natural fucking human perception of the world. Now is it my fault that you are leaving that guy and taking his kid?”

I fiddled with my wedding ring, still on my finger. “I hate it when you cuss at me” I mumbled. “It is so rude.”

“There is something about you, Odette, that makes guys want you to be happy. You just made me feel bad for cussing. I never feel bad for shit like that.”

I smiled at my fingers. I wondered if I should take my ring off after I told Chris we were over. It was so pretty, with a large diamond on the front that had scratched Zoe a couple of times.

“I can’t replace him” he said.

“As if you could.” I said.

We sat there in silence.

I suddenly realized Chris’s worth.

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