Stumbling Towards Sparks

I have blissfully managed to not just keep the house clean, but to translate recipes from french magazines…fry up exotic veggies in garlic and coconut oil… then create lunches of bright green salads with homemade toasted caramel-coated almonds and experimental dressings.

I have weeded out old clothes and left two closets immaculately magazine-worthy.

But I am starting to realize the the highs are like Instagram blue skies or like warm rain that washes away anything wrong in the world. The lows…well never mind them.

This is the new me. I can find longevity in this sparkly optimism. And if I try to keep the lows pushed far away, then maybe they will stay there forever. Hmm….

One of the things about being a “little bit crazy” is that Chris uses it as an excuse to forgive me for pretty much everything, which is killing him. When he goes off on tour maybe I will just let him go. We have been together since we were so young. There is nothing left between us and now I am stumbling towards sparks at the cost of everyone around me. Time to fix that before the flip side finds me again.


About Odette

Odette's character is written by Emmerson Grace Hayes. email: If only small talk could be replaced by dancing...
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