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It’s Different in Brooklyn

“But he’s so unbelievably hot.”

“But he’s a KID!” Astrid screeched over the phone at me. He’s only 22? You are almost 30 and you have a family!! What is going on with you?”

“Astrid, he is so hot.” I said again. Helplessly. “He just makes me laugh and forget everything.”


“I think you’ve finally lost it. What would Meliah think? She wouldn’t let you do this.”

“I cheated on Chris with him.” I said.

I heard Astrid sigh. “Like how-cheated?” she said.

“Like everything-cheated.”

“So there is no going back from there,” she murmured. “But Chris is so great Odette. This sucks. Are you still seeing this kid?”

“Kind of. He lives only a few houses away so it is hard to stay away.”

“Oh Odette, no, no, no!! Why didn’t you tell me about this before? I would have come there to help! Why just now are you telling me about this?”

“As if you would come. I haven’t seen you since Meliah’s funeral. Neither have Mom and  Dad. Stop acting like you can save me when you just stay in your little perfect world.”

“My world isn’t perfect, Odette.”

“You have your perfect boyfriend, and your store and your band and your amazing place. It is perfect”

“No, things are not perfect. I’m not perfect. In fact I shouldn’t be judging you. Do you remember Adam from college?”

“Of course.” I said smiling

“Well, I’ve been seeing him on and off.”


“But at least I am not married, Odette, I don’t have any kids.  Anyway, it’s different in Brooklyn.”

Different in Brooklyn. It sounded like a different universe.

“Maybe Zoe and I should come to Brooklyn for a little while. There is stuff there for kids to do right?”

“Tons,” she said.  “It’s like stroller central around Williamsburg these days. Come and stay with me. I would so love to have you here in my world for a while.”

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