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“We need to go in a second” I said. “Chris will be back from band practice soon to make dinner. My Mom will have Zoe home in an hour.”

Jake said, “So we have an hour” and he stroked my leg with the back of his finger. It was so deluxe out here. The breeze was getting a bit cooler, the end of summer was nearing and the air was changing. I got butterflies just from sitting next to Jake. I rubbed my hand down his arm and then he pulled me in and kissed me at the top of the stadium. The breeze was glorious. He ran his hand up the back of my shirt and I pulled away from him.

“We are in public here” I laughed.

“Then come to my house. Lets go right now,” he said.

“I’m sweaty and gross. What do you want me to do?”

“Where do you want me to begin?”

“I told you that I’m tired of betrayal.”

“It’s not like it gets worse every time” Jake said.

“But it does,” I said. The more time we spend together, the deeper the betrayal. We sat there and let the wind blow on us for a while. Then I got up and Jake followed me down the concrete steps and over the bleachers as we made our way down from the stadium.

“We probably shouldn’t even walk together” I said to Jake as we came out onto campus by the main road.

“Later” he said, and jogged off. I hate it when he does that, just leaves and I don’t know if he is mad or fine or what. I never got a chance to ask him if he made cookies the other day. I have a feeling that Chris was lying to me about that.

I jogged home with a heavy heart and my mind spinning with confusion. This couldn’t go on.

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