Odette's posts

Reality Check

“I’m not sure about Brooklyn anymore.”

“Why not?”

“He doesn’t want me to leave him.”

Astrid let out a huge sigh. “Odette, if he is going to forgive you, then you have to try and make your marriage work. People don’t get divorced because they are feeling randomly complacent. They get divorced because of abuse, because the husband drinks and lies and hits. You have this amazing situation where you have a husband you can trust, who loves you to the ends of the earth and who has forgiven your infidelity. I don’t know what you are looking for out there but you are not going to find anything better than him. He is the prince charming at the end of the book.”

“I know that actually. I wish that knowing that would help.”

“Odette, you don’t even know how many girls will be ready to pounce on him when you let him go. And then he will be gone. He’s given you more than enough chances. Once he gives up on you, the disgust will set in because even he has a limit. Also, Odette, most 30-year-old guys his age are married, or committed, so you will be left with the single assholes who have already been kicked to the curb.”


“Yes, disgust at your betrayal and lack of loyalty to your family.”

“Jeez, Astrid.”

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