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Purpose – by Jake

When I saw Odette walking down the street this morning I knew something was up, just with how she was walking quickly with purpose… I pressed pause, put the controller down and went to my front door and and called out her name.

She looked over for a second and waved a small wave then kept on going so I hurried out of the door and jogged after her. The wind was blowing tiny pink flowers from the trees and I thought of how Odette once told me she believed Meliah was in the trees and in the air. I thought she was nuts, in a good way. This was going to suck for my allergies.

When I caught up with her I put my hand on her sweaty arm with one tiny flower stuck to it. She spun around looking flustered and said, “I can’t do this right now, Jake, or ever. I’m meeting Chris at the Stadium.” Then she looked me in the eyes and said, “We’re done. I mean…DONE”.

I knew she meant me, but I just had to check. “You and Chris are done?” I said, reaching up to take a tiny flower from her hair. She swatted my hand away.

“No Jake, you and I are done.” She emphasized this with hand gestures. Then she turned again and walked off. I couldn’t believe the how easy it was for her to just delete me from her life in one sentence, even after I let her get me all caught up in her tangled mess. This pissed me off. As she strode off down the street towards the main road, I decided I didn’t want to loose at this game and I didn’t want to loose her.

“Odette!” I shouted a little too loudly.

She turned around, I didn’t know what to say, I was scrambling. Then it came to me. “The reason I came out her to talk to you is because I wanted to let you know I saw your kitten out here.”


“Your kitten that you saved. You said it was grey with big round eyes and a little diamond under its chin. Well I saw one just like that in my yard and I then I remembered a few minutes later that you said the kitten you rescued looked like that. So when I saw you out here I thought I should come out and tell you.”

I knew it could go either way, but you know, as I studied her expression it was so hard not to smile at the transformation from furrowed brow of determination to frightened shock of realization.

“Oh no, I have been looking for her in the house all morning. I thought she was just hiding under a bed! Where did you see her?”

“She was behind my house” I said, pointing the opposite direction of the stadium.

“Can you help me look?” she gasped.

“Yes.” Then I had another idea that got me pumped. “Actually, not right now. I have a meeting with one of my professors that I have to go to. But I will be back in about half an hour and I can help you then.”

“Oh I hope I have found her by then!”

I watched her hurry off behind my house, calling for her kitten, and now it was my turn to head out to the stadium, with a purpose.


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