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All’s Fair In… -by Jake

I know some people might think that I am an asshole for what I did. But everyone knows that all’s fair in love and war, and today it was simply time for me to take control of the situation.

I honestly couldn’t get to the stadium fast enough. I formed the words in my head as I half-jogged, half-ran.

I could have told Odette’s husband the truth, but then he might still have forgiven her. She never spoke badly of him, in fact even when she would get lost in me, she still seemed to have a weird sense of loyalty to him. At first I just figured that when you are married you are even nice when you are cheating. But I think she is a different case. I think she is kind of fucked up. Maybe that is what makes everything interesting…and the fact that she is so hot…definitely makes it interesting.

Now when I think about it, I would never have bothered with being such a dick to her husband if I wasn’t so angry about being dicked around by her. So it is pretty much her fault. Also, I think that anyone would have done the same thing in my position. If some dude is trying to take away the girl you have invested some serious time and emotion in, then you fight for that right? I don’t know anymore, but this is what I did and it seemed like the right decision at the time.

There he was, sitting at the top of the stadium. That pissed me off too because that was where Odette and I sat just a couple of evenings ago. He looked so introspective all leaning over with his arms resting on his knees with his hands clasped in front of him. For a minute there it almost looked like he was praying. I stood there waiting for him to notice me, then he did. The look on his face was priceless. It took everything I had not to laugh, seeing the shock. Then he frowned at me and I stood there waiting for him to come to me.

He sat there for kind of a while. It made me uncomfortable just standing there. It was like he was trying to figure out, for a while, what the hell was going on. He took out his phone and looked at it and I was like, “No don’t call her dude.” Then he put it back in his pocket so I figured he was just checking the time, and realizing for sure that I had come in Odette’s place. He shook his head and got up slowly and started to walk down the concrete steps next to the bleachers. He headed away from me and I realized he was planning on leaving the stadium without confronting me. That wouldn’t do.

I walked after him and met him out by the wall over-looking the town. He turned around to face me and the wind was blowing strong there.

“Where’s Odette?” he said.

“She didn’t want to come.” I said. “She didn’t want to hurt you even worse, she couldn’t bare to do it, so I told her I would do it for her.” I grinned. My heart was pumping. I wanted to hurt him worse than what she had just done to me.

“Well that was nice of you” he said, eyes blazing. I realized I could get punched at any second.

“She doesn’t love you anymore, simple as that,” I said.

“And she told you that?” he said.

“Yes, while we were fucking.”

He grabbed me by the neck of my T-shirt and pulled me in close. “You are lucky I don’t throw you over the side of this stadium you stupid little prick.” I could feel his spit on my face and I was a little nervous that he might actually be able to get me over the wall we were standing right next to. I was trying to figure out if I was going to fight back or wait for him to let go. We locked eyes in a death-stare for a few seconds, then I saw his expression change and I knew I was off the hook again. He’s such a pussy.

He just dropped my shirt and pushed me and walked off. But then when he started jogging away I knew that was it. I had Odette to myself. And if I was lucky, he would take the kid too.

I know I probably sound like an asshole but the reality is that most guys really do feel this way too. What happened here is simple. I didn’t hurt anyone who didn’t deserve it because he is an idiot. I won this one, he lost and now I get to reap the rewards with his hot wife. As I’ve said before, I never shy away from a challenge. So when I remembered I have that house key of hers that she dropped while leaving my house a few weeks back, I decided to just take the next opportunity that was now presenting itself.

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