In Just One Morning

My kitten was not in Jake’s back yard. I had looked frantically through bushes, finding empty beer bottles and a condom wrapper. And now, 20 minutes later as I sat here on the curb in front of Jake’s house, tiny pink flowers littered the road in front of me. The wind kept blowing my hair in my face and I pulled long strands away from my lips and tried in vein to tuck them behind my ears. I thought about Chris sitting there at the stadium waiting for me. He’d probably left by now.


I looked up with hope pulsating through my heart. It wasn’t Chris, but there was Jake walking down our road toward me, holding my kitten. My heart started to pound again. I felt the familiar guilt of how drawn to him I was. He was always my beacon, lighting the way out of misery…again. I pushed my hair behind my ears and got up slowly, then walked to Jake to lift Sooty from his arms. I buried my head in her belly and breathed in her warm fur. I looked up at Jake and he grinned his amazing sly grin. Now my heart was pounding for him. How did he keep doing this to me?

Any other day he would have pulled me in for one of his amazing kisses. I wanted that so badly right now, it was terrible. So I whispered, “thank you,” & turned and carried my beautiful little gray kitten back to my house. My hair still blew in my face and across Sooty’s fur while the sun glinted alarmingly through the raging trees, that had now lost all their flowers to the wind, in just one morning.


About Odette

Odette's character is written by Emmerson Grace Hayes. email: If only small talk could be replaced by dancing...
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2 Responses to In Just One Morning

  1. This is such a great idea for a blog – I’m a big fan of Odette!

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