Under The Stars

I already had my tent and sleeping bag in the back of the truck since I had originally planned on sleeping at the beach. But now the mountains + Odette seemed like a much better idea so I put some Gram Parsons on the radio and set the GPS for Rome, Georgia. I wanted to whisk her off to where the stars are blinding and set up camp near a brook, so I could show her how to find frogs with a flashlight by making their eyes shine. The thought of just she an I, by the fire under the night sky was nothing less than exhilarating. I really wanted this.

I didn’t know when I pulled up if she would be there, or if Chris would be there.  I had taken well enough care of Chris, and I was right. He was gone. It felt so good to see her coming out to my my truck in her cute nerdy glasses holding her cup of tea. This was going to be awesome. On my drive back from the beach I had been doing some thinking. What did she want from me. What did I have to offer her that would solidify our connection. I always thought that just having fun with her was the best thing between us. But to get things to stick, it needed to go furthar than that. I thought about the time she totally freaked me out by telling me her pregnant sister was killed in a car accident. I just wanted to get the heck out of that conversation. But as I drove through the woods on the way back to her, I realized that she probably dropped that bomb on me because she was looking for some comfort. And I could do that. I could be her comfort. The idea was odd, to be there for someone besides Milo. I dropped Milo off with my roommate, grabbed and extra pillow and went three more houses down to Odette’s house.

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