Odette's posts

Dented Truck

Odette’s husband is fucking crazy. When he looked me in the eye, pressed the gas and nailed my truck, he had his kid in the car. And Odette just as crazy because she thought it was funny. They honestly deserve each other.

I nailed that asshole in the face, and in true Chris-form he just drove away. God I was so pissed off. My truck…that hurt, man.

So when he just left I was so angry that I went up to Odette. She was still laughing so I looked her in the eye and said, “You are a crazy fucking bitch. Why is any of that funny?”

She looked at me in complete shock…as if that was the oddest thing that had happened that morning. It was like no one had ever called her a cuss-word before. I felt bad right after I said it. I realized that she probably wasn’t going to forgive me for it. So I went and got in my truck. It started, so I just drove off and left her there at the diner. I hope she went back inside and paid. I know that Chris’s friend was still there because I don’t think it was Odette who threw the bottle that busted against my rear-bumper as I drove away. So…he could take her home.

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