Finally feeling good and excited…we are going to the beach!! Zoe and I are about spend a month of soaking up the last days of summer, or I guess technically the first days of fall, on the sand. I honestly don’t know why we don’t live at the beach instead of this dang college town. My aunt has a house right on the sand and her guest room overlooks the water, actually all the bedrooms do. So if I leave my window open I will be able to wake up to the sounds of the waves.

Anyway! I have been shopping online for bathing suites and I want an enormous comfy towel…orange preferably. My friend, Shannon is coming down from California to visit, too bad she’ll miss Chris’s show out there but, oh well. I am feeling completely free and all I want to do is swim in the ocean for the next 30 days and make sand castles with Zoe. The packing has already begun.


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Odette's character is written by Emmerson Grace Hayes. email: If only small talk could be replaced by dancing...
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