Chris is gone…solitude and choices

Chris is gone. He left for the airport this morning. Dave picked him up and before Chris walked out the door he grabbed me round the waist and kissed me like he was never going to see me again. He left me a little dazed until I jumped with the slamming of the car door. He waved and smiled through the glass as they drove off. I watched him go, not sure why I was feeling troubled.

My Mom has Zoe for the next couple of days. She is sad she won’t see her for a whole month while we are at the beach. So I decided to just catch up on a back log of work that had been taking a back seat to my stupid life drama. It was so quiet in my bedroom. I just sat on my bed and wrote for hours. I didn’t know if any of it was any good but sent it all off to be hacked apart and then felt really good about getting it all done. I knew it would only be about an hour before it all came back with the horrified comment about punctuation problems. So I thought I would  make the house shine, or maybe I could go for a run. Solitude and choices are a glorious combination.

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