Tequila (at the cabin)

The cabin was actually cold when we walked in. The wood seemed to hold a chill so we opened up the windows. Zoe kept opening and shutting the front door over and over again. I looked at Chris with exasperation but he didn’t even seem to notice. Oh well, I figured she was his kid so he would have to deal with any smashed fingers.  I went and threw the blankets in the dryer with a dryer sheet so they wouldn’t smell musty on the beds tonight. drummer brought in the paper grocery bags and put them on the floor.

“Go put them in the kitchen dude” I said. “Just finish the job, don’t leave them on the floor for someone else to deal with”

“This is going to be a great weekend” he mumbled as he left them there and went back out to the car to get more. I picked the bags up off the floor and took them into the kitchen to set on the counter. I needed to get out of this bad mood so that I could help Chris. There was no point in having crappy weekend here…we could be at home for that. I went to the cupboard over the stove and there inside was that whole bottle of tequila I was hoping would still be there. I took it down and held the smooth glass and smiled.  Then as I busied around the cabinets getting glasses I yelled, “shots!” as loud as I could.

In a couple of minutes I had everything pored and the guys were all all holding their glasses. I was about to give the word when Chris said, “I don’t know man.” He was looking into his tequila.

“What don’t you know?” I said, annoyed, ready to get this started.

“Well I have to take care of Zoe”

“This is ONE shot.” I said. I’ve seen you take a shit load of these then play the guitar with your fucking teeth.”

Chris said, “Exactly” and we all laughed at him. “I just don’t drink much these days, Odette doesn’t like me to.”

We all groaned and James put his glass down on the bar muttering, “This is too pitiful” and turned to walk away. I put my hand on his back and moved him back into the group.

“It’s just one shot, man” drummer said.

We had wasted enough time. I said, “Down the hatch, boys” and we all pored the brown liquid down our throats.

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