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My Date With Odette

The crew at the restaurant could not have been more helpful. Especially Marco’s cute sister. She definitely made it clear that if things don’t work with Odette she would be happy to step in.  How come every woman in this town wants me except my own wife?

I was so nervous calling Odette’s Mom. The last time we spoke was right after Odette said we should split. I called Carol and actually told her that she should have a serious talk with Odette about not honoring her commitments. Luckily, Carol didn’t bring any of that up and actually seemed encouraging when I told her about my plan. She even gave me the idea to wear the same thing I wore on our first date. She didn’t know it was the,  “I heart hot Mom’s” t-shirt but I still thought it was a good idea. Dave had given it to me a few weeks before I met Odette, when Sherry, the 40 year old single Mom/bartender was totally hitting on me. Hey, who can pass up free drinks right? I remember that night so well – even though almost ten years have passed. I was totally nervous and excited all at once. This girl who just floored me when we met at my show, had agreed to go out with me the next night after we played the same sold-out, hometown venue. We were so young and trying so hard to be real adults. I swiped Dave’s ID so I could order wine in the restaurant. Luckily, the waitress was a fan of my band and didn’t ask for ID.

I originally had on this nice button-down shirt on for our first date. But the guys gave me such a ribbing for it, I quickly changed into the only T-shirt that didn’t smell like smoke or sweat; I heart hot Moms. She was so sweet that night…and funny. I waited for her to give me grief over the shirt but she didn’t seem to notice it; she did notice how ripped I looked in it though. Damn, I wish I still had those abs….

What I didn’t plan on last night was that Odette wouldn’t want to go. She actually yawned when I told her that we would head out around 10:00. This is the girl who only weeks before was sneaking out of the house at 10:00 to “bump into” that asshole down the street. So, she can go running after dark but can’t eat a meal with the person she promised her whole life to? That really pissed me off and I actually sort of yelled at her. Well, at least I made it clear that she was going whether she liked it or not. Great start to a romantic date….

Anyway, so I pulled out all the stops – held the door open for her, played our wedding song, I even got a haircut. I was a little disappointed when she didn’t recognize the shirt but she definitely was checking me out once I changed into my blue button down and those Khakis she bought me last year for our one and only formal family portrait. That made me sad as I wondered if we would turn into one of those families that can’t even stand to be photographed together on their kids wedding day. I noticed Odette staring at me in the car and I realized I had to get myself together. This was my one chance to get her back and I was not going to blow it.

We get to the restaurant and I can barely contain my excitement. Odette seemed so confused as to why we were at the Cantina when it was clearly closed. I felt like Donald Trump (with better hair of course) must feel when I told her that the restaurant was only open to us.  I thought Odette would immediately recognize the booth, but the memory of that night didn’t seem to register with her. My heart started sinking when I realized that Odette had no idea why we were here.  I built the past ten years of my life on that one night and it was apparently only a forgettable date for Odette. Jesus, why did she even go out with me a second time? In ten years time, will she struggle to remember our wedding? Just as I was about to turn and walk out, I thought better of it, sat down and took her hands and just asked if she got it. She smiled and recalled that this place used to be the same Italian restaurant we had our first date at.

All at once I felt that everything was going to be o.k.. This was going to be a really good date and hopefully, just maybe, the start of something more.

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