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Sewing Room

Aunt Luna is showing Zoe the beach while I unpack my things. She put my suitcase in her sewing room. So I suppose this is where I am going to be for the next month, which is wonderful because there are 4 huge windows overlooking the ocean and a sliding glass door leading out to my own patio. She’s pushed everything off to the side in a pile of ribbons, fake fur and large rolls of blue chiffon. My enormous bed is covered with white lace and pink princess pillows scattered about. And then surrounding it, with bizarre grandeur, is one of those mosquito-net things you see in kids magazines. I had to double check that she meant for this to be my space and not Zoe’s. But as I peered into the room down the hallway, there was Zoe’s suitcase next to tons of new toys (that I know she won’t play with), and a Baby Einstein duvet cover on the bed.

So now as I hang my clothes in the closet, making space between halloween costumes, I wonder at my princess room and wonder if it is some sort of dig or joke. Aunt Luna has always been a little sarcastic and not very supportive of my hobbies, (except sewing). She was horrified when I did cheerleading in 9th grade and was the only one who wasn’t excited for me when I was on homecoming court my senior year of high school. She said she found popularity contests that had nothing to do with academic success or talent, to be, repulsive. So of course when I stood there with my flowers, holding on to some guys arm that I’d spoken to twice, next to girls I barely knew…wondering why I was up there anyway, I looked at my friends in the bleachers and felt awful. I don’t think that is how you are supposed to feel on homecoming court. Thanks Aunt Luna.

So that’s my Aunt. She says it like it is, and she lives in this cluttered but lovely house sitting on the sand so close to the water and so weathered that a wolf could blow it away, never mind a hurricane. She has already organized a dinner tonight where she has invited over her professor friends from Flagler University. She hinted around in so many words that she is trying to get me interested in something besides shopping and clothes. She has no clue about what I actually like. But if she tries to get me to sit through conversation about the upcoming election tonight I think I am going to have to escape for an evening walk on the beach with Zoe.

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