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Asparagus Crepes and Hollandaise Sauce

I had 2 dinners this evening. The first at 6pm, with Zoe. Then after I put her to bed, dinner number two was out on the patio at 10pm, overlooking the ocean with Luna’s guests. It was blissfully cool and I helped Luna to decorate the table with all her beautiful, mismatched china. She brought out a 2 large vases with thinly-sliced lemons lining the inside of the glass then she filled them with white flowers. She put whole lemons on the table between the vases and china. It looked so sweet and pristine. I suddenly realized why she was such a collector. She was good at it. Each wooden porch chair was weathered and mismatched but still seemed to go perfectly together, like old friends.

Dinner was delicious and I can take some credit as I helped her prepare the food. After putting Zoe to bed, Luna taught me about using the right oil, depending upon the heat of the pan. We made asparagus, spinach and mushroom crepes with hollandaise sauce. I watch in awe as she carefully warmed the egg so that it cooked but didn’t spoil the sauce. I was in charge of the crepes which resulted in the smoke alarm going off twice. Luckily Zoe didn’t wake up and after standing on chairs and wafting a tea-towel in front the alarm, we opened all the windows. The ocean breeze blew gloriously through the kitchen, along with the lovely aromas and I realized I hadn’t been this happy in a long time.

Her friends arrived separately. Two of them were professors, one, a Graduate Student who is teaching her Greek, and one woman who’s job is to organize unions. I thought it was going to end up being like when our family gets together during the holidays. But all her friends were very hippie and so there was no intense arguing about the election. I didn’t talk at all. Not one word. I listened to them gush about visiting Corfu in Greece. They had all been there, separately, at one time in their lives. I thought of a book I read about an English family who moved to Corfu and lived in a peach colored house near the beach. But I couldn’t remember the name of it so I just kept my mouth shut and listened. No one asked me any questions, which was nice.

Then after dinner, the oldest guy, who I think is her boyfriend, pulled a glass pipe out of his pocket and everyone walked out to sit near the dunes. I was really worried that some cops would see us as her boyfriend started lighting up. But I looked around the beach carefully and didn’t see anyone. Also, Zoe’s window was open so I would be able to hear her out here if she cried. so I figured I may as well sit and listen some more to their travel stories.

I seriously haven’t smoked pot in 12 years, and that was the only time…ever. So when the Grad Student guy passed the tiny glass pipe to me I kind of fumbled around with it, not sure what to do with the lighter. He showed me where to hold it and said to cover the little holes with your fingers then let go when you inhale. So I did it, looking a bit dorky I’m sure, then I passed it off and thought that Chris would be really surprised if he could see me now. I put my head back on the sand dune and looked at the moon and listened to the water. One of the professor guys asked me if I felt good and I ignored him. I was really tired now. I got up to go back to the house and Grad-Student-Guy said, “No, stay!” I shook my head, realizing he was actually holding out his hand to me. I pretended like I didn’t see his hand, brushed the sand off my butt and marched off. I looked back to see him staring at me as I went. I felt my cheeks flush as traipsed through the sand. I wondered if he still would have been interested if I had spoken at all.

“Goodnight, Love” My Aunt said.

I didn’t look back, just waved in the air as I made my way back to my bed of lace and lovely, silly pink pillows.

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