I woke up with my brain was buzzing with plans for Jake and me. I hadn’t answered his text but just the thought of him here, just him and me…was utterly exhilarating. Also, his suggestion about spending 24 hours together and that be it. We had left on such a miserable note that maybe it would be good to do this and go out on a good note. There was nothing I wanted more in the world than to spend 24 hours with Jake, here. I was sure I could have my Aunt and Zoe go somewhere on a “bonding” trip and have the beach house to myself. Or maybe we could rent that little shack on the secluded part of the beach. I thought about if we did that, we could cook dinner together, lay around on the sand, day and night. Oh it could be so wonderful.

Then I would scold myself. There was NO WAY. This was my time to heal, to get back on track so that when Chris got back that things would be good again between us.

But…I was separated now. When would I ever be separated again? When would this ever be OK again? Probably never, ever, ever. I got out of bed and walked over to my phone. Had I dreamed that text? No, there is was. I texted back, “maybe” knowing that to Jake, the word “maybe” is a big, fat, yes.

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