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Mushy Waves

When I woke up this morning and remembered last night, a wave of humiliation came over me. Why didn’t I have a glass of wine with that guy and have a normal conversation with him like a normal human being? Why did I have to be all dramatic, creating scenarios in my head that probably weren’t even true then sweeping out of there to make some kind of a point that probably didn’t need to be made. Ugh.

I slid out of bed miserably and went to find Zoe. She wasn’t in her bed. I had to go all the way out to the porch on the beach to find her, and there was Luna with breakfast on the table with Zoe running around on the sand after seagulls. It was another morning of clear skies and it was a little chilly in my nightgown. I sat on a chair with my leg bent under me. Luna took the cosy off the teapot and poured me a cup. It was lovely to drink the warm tea and feel the cool morning breeze blowing off the water.

By the time we were finished with our eggs and cereal and toast, the sun was higher in the sky and had burned the brisk air away.

Luna took Zoe off to her music lesson she had arranged for her and I went and put on my bathing suit, then went and grabbed a surf board from Luna’s garage. I brushed off the dust and dirt, picked off an old cobweb, and carried it over near the waves to look at the ocean. There were a few people walking on the sand and I looked over to see two girls, that looked close to my age, sitting on the sand and rubbing wax on their surf boards. I looked down at mine. I didn’t have any wax. I watched them to see how they did it. They were also both wearing swim-shirts, even though the water is still warm. One girl looked up and saw me staring at them. She smiled and I waved. She kept working on her board then she looked up at me again and held up the wax. “Need some?” she called to me.

I walked over to them and sat down on the sand. I watched her finish up then she handed me the disk of wax in the shape of a hockey puck, and I rubbed it on my board like I had seen her do.

I said, “why are you wearing swim-shirts?”

“So we don’t get a rash on our belly’s!”

Her friend looked at me and said, “You don’t want your boobies falling out of your top either, friend.”

I looked down at my top, put the wax down, and then tied the strings behind my back and my neck, a little tighter. I handed the wax back to the first girl who put it on her towel.

“This is a good spot over here.” She pointed out into the waves.

I nodded and followed them into the water. We jumped over the first few waves then paddled over the next ones until we were way out past the first break. I spent about an hour trying to stand up while getting bowled over again and again, and dragged all over the place by my board in the tumbling surf. Between breaks the girl who offered me her wax paddled over to me and said, “The waves are kid of mushy today, not the best for learning.”

I nodded and beamed at her. “I’m totally having fun!” I said.


Finally, after being bashed around a bit more by the waves, I actually stood up on one and rode it for about a minute. I climbed back up onto my board hearing cheers from the girls and I laughed with them at my small success. We didn’t get out of the water until lunch time and the wax girl picked up her towel from the sand.

“I have to go to work now,” she smiled. “Where are you visiting from?”

I guess it was obvious I wasn’t a local. “Athens, Georgia”.

“I love Athens, they have such an awesome music scene. I just went there for a pop fest a couple of months ago.”

“Yeah, we play a lot of music around there, ” I said. Then I pointed at my aunts house. I’m staying there for month.” I said.

“At Marge’s house?”

“Well, I call her Luna. But, yeah.”

“I’ve been to a party there before” she said.

That didn’t surprise me. “What’s your name?”

“Clarissa…or, Rissa. She pointed at her friend, “And this is Jordan. Listen we are out here almost every morning. Come surfing with us any time. And let me know next time Marge, or, Luna, is having on of her parties!”

“Will do” I smiled, elated to have found someone I had stuff in common with.

They walked off with their towels and surf boards and I headed back to the house in great spirits. I would get the place clean before Luna and Zoe got back, then I would fix some lunch for everyone.

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