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Self Control – by: Chris

  “Last night I met a girl with huge green eyes and a crooked tooth that I couldn’t stop staring at. Dave noticed her first and asked me to play wing-man but he quickly lost interest when he met her friend.”

My friends Jim and Linda are giving away their old cat and getting a new little puppy to “recharge their relationship”. This has bugged me incessantly. It has been on my mind while we drive from city to city. I can’t seem to shake it.

I tried to reach Odette but she wasn’t answering her phone. Luna told me that she has been more social lately and much happier too. I wondered if our sojourn in New York was the cause and frowned when it suddenly hit me that Jim and Linda’s dog was a bit like our trip to NY. Something temporarily wonderful meant to change the course of ones life but would soon fade with all of the other memories of happier times. What was going to happy once Odette forgot about New York? What will happen when we are back in Athens and a new Jake moves in down the street? Will her head forever be turned by something shiny and new? Or, god forbid, the old Jake keeps renting that house and Odette and he keep seeing one another? Will she grow tired of him eventually? Is part of the thrill just that he is something different or does she really love him? And what kind of person can’t control her impulses? Odette acts as if having an affair was another bad decision that should be ignored the way we never talked about that horrible pixie cut she got shortly after Zoe was born.

Last night I met a girl with huge green eyes and a crooked tooth that I couldn’t stop staring at. Dave noticed her first and asked me to play wing-man but he quickly lost interest when he met her friend; a smoking hot brunette that presently is sleeping next to Dave, though God knows how the way he is snoring. Annie told me that it happens all the time – her golden hair and green eyes brings them over and then Maya’s cleavage lures them in. I bought her a beer and we talked for hours. I found myself telling Annie things that I used to only share with Odette and for the first time I though that maybe I would be o.k. if Odette did go off with some other guy. If it were not Odette that night at the party so long ago, would I be just as happy spending my life with someone else; someone like Annie? I tried to imagine kissing Annie and how it would feel to have my tongue trace that deliciously crooked tooth and I found that I didn’t hate the idea; didn’t feel guilty at all. As if she sensed what I was thinking, Annie suddenly leaned over and kissed me and I immediately jumped up spilling my beer down the front of her shirt. She started yelling at me, the bartender looked pissed and Dave was nowhere to be found. All I wanted to do is go home. All I wanted was to call Odette.

We will be back in Georgia in a few days but I have decided to surprise Odette and go straight to Florida. Our manager got us a gig in St. Augustine and I talked Luna into having a party and letting all the guys crash on the beach in front of her house. Not that it took much convincing, Luna is a born entertainer. I can’t wait to hold Odette on the beach and play with Zoe in the sand dunes. I just thought of the perfect surprise for Zoe too; a sweet old cat who definitely needs a happy home.

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