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Luna’s Phone Call – by: Odette

Jake was in the bathroom when my phone rang.

“Hi Luna. What’s up?”

“Hi Honey, I’m know I was going to stay out late with Zoe but plans have changed.”

“They have?”

“Yes. Would you get the house picked up? We are going to have a little get together.”



“God, Luna, can’t we have a night off?”

“This is going to be special,” she said. “Really special.” She sounded giddy.

I sighed. “Jake’s here,” I said.


“You know, Jake. I told you about him.”

She was quiet. “Why is he there honey? I thought you told me that you were done with him.”

“I know. He’s just so persuasive. Luna, I can’t tell that boy no.”

“Can’t tell him no? What exactly do you mean?”

“I think you know what I mean, Luna.”

“You understand the word, no. You use it plenty my dear and be sure that his persuasiveness doesn’t absolve you from any guilt.” She said quietly.

“I use it with him too, but I can’t stay away from him. He knows how I feel about him and just finds his way back in to my life, and my heart and my bedroom. Luna, I feel like I don’t even know how things happen until after they happen. It isn’t my fault that he won’t leave me alone.”

“Odette, I’m finding this to be extremely irritating,” she said. “You are a strong woman who is letting this guy completely lead you astray. Where is your power?” she snapped.

“My power is right here in my heart. And you are right, I’m not doing anything that I don’t want to do. These are my choices and I don’t feel like being judged for them.”

“Well you are going to be judged, honey. You think Chris isn’t going to judge you?”

“He’s not going to find out.”

“Well, maybe not…but if he happens to be surprising you tonight by possibly showing up here at the house, then he probably will find out, Odette. And I don’t appreciate you putting me in awkward positions because of your indiscretions. Get that kid out of my house, now, and act like a lady.”

“Guys do this shit all the time!” I shouted into the phone. “Why do you have tell me to act like a lady, it is completely sexist of you! What do you want me to do? Should I stay in the kitchen and take care of the children and sit home and wait for my husband?”

“Well, yes, Odette, minus the kitchen part. You are a terrible cook. Also I’m sure Chris would do the same for you. Its not a male, female thing. It’s about respect and being strong.”

“Maybe my power is in the fact that I do what makes me happy instead of what makes everyone else happy.”

“I’m glad that you look out for yourself, but there is something sacred when it comes to trust. Loyalty is so underrated. You say no to infidelity, my dear, because loyalty is worth more than a good shag…I suppose.”

“Chris is coming to the house tonight?

“It was going to be a surprise.”

“Wow. Any other day or time or second I would totally be excited. I’ll clean up the house.”

The doorbell rang and I got up to go and answer it. I had a picture in my head of the whole band being there and then Jake walking out of the bathroom. I peeked out of the peephole and it was a delivery-guy holding tulips. I opened the door and took the flowers from him and opened the card. It was from Chris.

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