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Thrown Back – by: Jake

“I guess I feel a little defeated after loosing my board in the ocean, swallowing so much of it that I was trying not to vomit in her bathtub.”

This girl… one minute she can’t get enough of me, the next, she’s throwing me out of her life. I’ve tried harder with her than any guy should ever have to and in return she helped me figure out that it is easier just not to feel anything, for anyone.

That is what I get for being an idiot and putting myself out there. I guess I feel a little defeated after loosing my board in the ocean, swallowing so much of it that I was trying not to vomit in her bathtub. At least I brushed my teeth. Then after just kissing her a little she completely took over. She is definitely an all-or-nothing kind of girl and her white fluffy princess bed draped with mosquito netting, quickly turned into something not so innocent. I have to say I didn’t mind though, and I got her out of those three tiny pieces of clothing as quickly and creatively as possible since you know, her mind changes with the wind. But then she was so into it, that it got me believing like a fool that she really liked me, beyond what I realized before. So I took things slower. I made sure our time together in her fairytale room on the ocean, was something she would never forget. THEN, all I had to do was leave the bedroom and go outside to get some dry clothes from my truck and everything we had apparently left with me…carried away on the ocean breeze or something. But I knew that was going to happen.

When I got back from that brief trip to my truck I stood out on the porch overlooking the ocean and saw her in the kitchen putting some flowers in a vase. I figured that asshole probably sent them to her. It was like Chris had a porthole looking into my life and calculated the exact second to swoop in and ruin it. She wasn’t smiling when she was staring at me from the kitchen. I felt that tugging in my chest and at first I got angry about it. But then the tugging, it sucked so bad that I thought I would give fighting-for-her, another shot. I wouldn’t go home wondering if I said more or did more, that maybe the outcome would be different.

So I put it all out there, and like I said, had it all thrown back in my face.

I barely had the energy. The ocean, then Odette, had sucked most of it out of me. But when an opportunity presents itself right in front of you, you have to take it right? When her cute little surfer-girl friend showed up at the end of the conversation where Odette is just about done stomping my heart all over the wooden deck, it was pretty obvious what I needed to do. I know from experience that girls don’t like you to seduce their friends, so I decided to turn things around a little, just so I didn’t have to drive home with my tail between my legs. This girls name was Rissa, and I could tell immediately that Odette didn’t want me to have any part of her. Finally, it was my turn to mix things up a little.

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