Unwelcome- by: Jake

It happened kind of fast, and I didn’t want it to happen. I can’t keep my mouth shut. I underestimated him. I mean, he has had so many chances to kick my ass but I should have known that you can’t say shit like that to a guy who’s had a few drinks and his wife is standing right there. I mean, even Chris has a limit and I was too sauced to realize that obvious fact.

So after Chris was done berating me about how I was following him around and to get my own life, I told him that I would if his wife wasn’t so obsessed with my dick. I suppose I wasn’t surprised at being on the ground the next second. But I was surprised at how hard his fist nailed my face. I just wanted it to stop. I wasn’t fighting to hurt him, I was fighting to get him the fuck off me. When I kicked him to the ground then caught him with my foot like I was trying to score a goal with his face, I was impressed at how much blood spurted out of his nose. But I also knew that I wasn’t going to like what was coming next. It was more of the same, enraged dude on top of me pounding me in the gut, so that any water I hadn’t vomited up that morning was surely going to come up now.

When I was floating, lost under the green ocean this morning I wondered if I was going to die. Then now as I was repeatedly punched in the kidney while I couldn’t even wrap my brain around how to get him the hell off me, I wondered again if I was going to die on this beach, over Odette. Then when it stopped suddenly, and I managed to get the hell out of there, Rissa came and helped me walk to my truck. She told me I could stay at her house and that she would drive my truck there for me. She said she had access to Oxycodone because her Dad ate it like candy and I suddenly realized with horror she was taking me to her parent’s house. But at that point I just said OK because I needed something to stop the pain radiating throughout my body.

And through my face throbbing, my lip leaking into my mouth and my stomach aching like when I was a kid and ate 20 Flintstones but never told anyone, I couldn’t help but also think, wearily, I bet she just wants me to fuck her in her bedroom with her door locked while her parents watch TV in the living room.

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