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Scrambling – by: Jake

I crouched shivering in the ceramic bathtub in my boxers with my phone pressed against my ear. How perfect that  the only person that could help me right now probably wanted me dead anyway. I was a little surprised when he answered Odette’s phone but I didn’t have time to waste by asking questions. “Chris,” I said. “Just the person I wanted to talk to.”

He paused for a minute, “What do you want?”

“I need your help”

“Fuck you,” he said.

“No wait, Chris, I wouldn’t be in the mess I’m in right now if you hadn’t bashed in my ribs. If I die here, you are going to be an accessory to murder. I’m totally fucking serious. I need your help because I dont’ know anyone in St. Augustine or believe me, I wouldn’t be calling you.”

“What do you need? What’s the problem Jake…how can I help you my good friend?”

“I’m stuck in Rissa’s bathroom and her dad is going to kill me. Seriously. I can’t get the window open so you need to bust me out from the outside. Bring some tools but hurry the fuck up.”

“Unbelievable…actually I take that back. Not surprising. You know, I don’t know where Rissa’s house is” he said. “And I have to be at sound check soon. I can’t be breaking you out of bathrooms, asshole. Why don’t you call the cops?”

“Listen rock star” I hissed. “Do you really want the cops involved in this? Is that the kind of publicity your band wants right now? I swear I will press charges against you for you rupturing my spleen and bashing in my ribs if you don’t get me out of this mess right now.” I could hear my voice shaking as I spoke and now I could hear his breathing in the phone. “I’ll text you the address. Get the fuck over here,” I said.


I hung up and pulled up Maps on my iPhone 5. I dropped a pin to see where I was and then hit the little blue arrow to get the address. It came up…awesome. Just to double check I dropped another pin and it gave me a different address. Then another pin and another address. Crap. Where the hell was I? I climbed out of the bathtub and thought I would look in the bathroom drawers for something, anything with an address on it. Then I suddenly remembered the pill bottles in the medicine cabinet.

I held my ribs, opened the mirrored door and took one out and there was the address on the bottle. I texted it to Chris, shut the cabinet and then put my phone on the counter so I could pull my clothes on. Every movement was agony but the adrenaline rushing through me was keeping my energy up even through the pain. I started to go through the drawers to look for a weapon. The top drawer had plastic disposable razors in it. I picked one up and looked at it. There was nothing I could do with this but I put it in my pocket anyway. I checked the next drawer and there was just soap, makeup and hair clips. The bottom drawer was hard to open. It hurt my ribs even worse to bend down and it wasn’t budging. So I sat on the floor, grabbed the handle, leaned back and pulled with all my weight. The drawer busted open so that I fell backwards and the drawer came out on to the floor. I was quiet. I still didn’t hear anyone coming so I looked through it and stopped in amazement. There was a gun in the drawer. Who the fuck keeps a gun in their bathroom drawer? Maybe it was his way to defend all his drugs. But why did he leave it there if I was in here? Did he forget about it? Maybe it didn’t work, maybe it wasn’t loaded. I took it out anyway and put in in my shorts pocket. That made me really scared. I mean, maybe this guy was just joking around and he was only trying to teach me a lesson and he wasn’t really planning on killing me. If I stole his gun I was really asking for trouble. Then I heard a scream. It sounded like Rissa and I put the drawer back in place and shut it slowly, my hands shaking and I was sweating now. I needed to go and make sure she was OK. I tested the bathroom door. It opened. I was so confused that it wasn’t somehow locked from the outside that I thought this was probably just some kind of a joke. He was just messing with me. But why the fuck did Rissa scream? I crept out slowly. I would just go and see what the problem was…I would be friendly and normal and everything would be cool.

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