Chris and Jake

I stood outside the bathroom, sweating but shivering. I had her dad’s gun in my pocket but didn’t know if it was loaded. I could just leave. I had my keys in my pocket. But this house…there was something wrong with it. A 17-year-old girls room shouldn’t look like that. She shouldn’t be screaming randomly right after her father told me he was going to go and talk to her. If he was hurting her, it was my fault. I started to breathe heavily which again, was doing a number on my ribs. But I knew the oxycodone was going to kick in in a matter of minutes then I would be able to function…maybe be able to defend myself, maybe be able to defend her.

I put my hand up to my forehead that was now drenched in sweat. What was I thinking? What was I walking into? Should I put the gun back first, or should I take it out incase I need it? I looked at the front door again. Chris would be showing up in what..10 minutes or so, if he actually stuck to his word. But then he would be outside trying to find a bathroom window or some shit like that. I got out my phone and looked at it and made my decision. I ran to the front door as quietly as I could, which wasn’t hard with this thick brown carpets. I gently opened it and went outside into the searing sunlight and closed it, but not all the way incase it locked. Then I texed Chris again, “Meet me on the street”. There was my truck out on the street I started to walk towards it and Chris pulled up in loud old VW bus. What an idiot, not too stealth. I pointed down the street and he parked and got out. I went up to his van and stopped and stared at him. His face was black and blue and his lip was swollen. I almost started laughing. “You should see what I can do with a soccer ball ” I said.

He was accessing the damage too. “Shit” he said, looking stunned. “Look at you.” Then he frowned. Why am I here?

“Rissa in there” I said, and leaned my back against his van. My heart started pumping again. “Her dad left me in the bathroom and I thought I was locked in there but I walked out just fine”

“So what the fuck is the problem?” Chris practically shouted at me.

“I think he’s hurting Rissa.”

Chris’s face fell. “What do you mean?”

“He told me that he needed to go and talk to her…about me. Then I heard her scream.”

“She screamed? Was she laughing?”

“No, it was one of those screams where you know something awful is happening. We have to get in there now and help her.”

“Just walk into their house?”


“There’s no fucking way. I don’t even know her. This is non of our business what her dad does to her.”

“Listen” I said walking close to his face. If you hadn’t beaten me so bad, while I was so drunk I couldn’t even defend myself, then she wouldn’t have had to risk bringing me here. But she did. And now she’s in trouble because of me and because of you. We can’t leave her in there.” I turned and started to walk back to her front door. Then I turned and looked at him. “Between the two of us we should be able to help her. I can’t do this by myself with my ribs all busted up.”

“You know why I kicked your ass,” he said. We looked at each other. “This is all your fault. Not mine.” We were both quiet. I could see his mind working, trying to make a decision. “What if he’s got a fucking gun?”

“What if a bomb falls out of the sky and blows us up right now? Come on!”

Chris looked at me. I could tell he was scared shitless too but he started to walk towards the front door with me. I pushed it open and we both walked in quietly.

“This is so fucked up” Chris murmured. “I’m staying out here.”


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