The audience were still screaming after the encore and we laughed back stage and wondered if we should go out there and play another song. Then one of the new roadies came up to me and said in my ear, “There is a girl here that says she knows Chris.”
Most roadies know they aren’t supposed to bug us with that stuff so I just said, “Go tell him”, pointing at Chris, so that he could tell the new guy the rules. Then I wondered if the girl could possibly be Odette since the new roadie might not know her. She can be pretty convincing too…I could see this kid not wanting to say no if she asked him to get us. Then I saw Chris grinning and nodding so I knew it mustn’t be her. If it was Odette he would be rubbing his face with despair right now. We headed up the steps to the “holding area” with the stinky old couch and the bottles of liqueur crowding the little table behind it. Then some giggly young girls came in and I watched Chris kiss one of them on the cheek, then on the neck so that she laughed with surprise and I thought she looked really familiar. I suddenly saw in my head a picture of her standing on the beach while Chris pounded on Odette’s boyfriend. Oh, this was Jake’s girl. I suddenly got what Chris’s plan was and my first instinct was to go and high five him. But then I thought, those girls were at least 10 years younger than us. Were they even old enough to drink the vodka cranberries Chris was happily pouring them? This wasn’t like him, he was usually a paranoid rule-follower. He held up a shot he had poured for me and raised his eyebrows at me, and I shook my head, no. I needed to be sober if was going to have to play babysitter tonight.

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