That Waiting Room Conversation – by: Jake

“Don’t think that we are friends now” Chris said. “Dragging me into and out of life-threatening situations doesn’t change what you have done to my family. I know all this stuff is a joke to you, but I’m pretty seriously affected by what you have done with Odette. So is my daughter.”

I thought to myself that I needed to come clean with Chris, and even though I felt really uncomfortable I said, “Odette doesn’t like me. She has made it clear for a long time now that she doesn’t want anything to do with me. She has told me that she loves her husband and to leave her the fuck alone. Coming to the beach, that was my idea, not hers, and when I got there she told me quite plainly to just go home.”

“I don’t get it” Chris said. Are you telling me that when you came here, nothing happened between you two?”

I sat there. I didn’t want to lie incase she told him the truth later, then everything I said now would be worthless..he wouldn’t believe any of it.

“I’m not saying that.”

“Oh fuck you” he said and got up and went to sit in a different chair at the other side of the waiting room.

I looked at him over there and thought about how hard I had tried to get his wife to leave him. Now here he was, getting ready to pay for fixing my ribs that he justifiably broke. What kind of a person does that? Not me, that’s for damn sure. He was this totally nice guy and I had wrecked his life because I thought it was fun to make out with his wife, to get her to do as much with me as possible and, yeah, I found that I was very good at persuading her. I thought about how amazing things were with Odette. Then I looked up at Chris all beat up with his head in his hand and his arm across his belly. Was it worth it? Right now it didn’t seem like it, but yesterday, damn that was fun. You don’t get to experience shit like that every day.

I examined him for a few minutes. He caught me staring and shot me a death-look. But I was wondering, what kind of relationship did he and Odette have? Did they ever laugh together? Did he know that she knew every fairytale on the planet, that her feet were insanely ticklish or that we agreed that I own the freckle in the middle of her left arm? He probably didn’t know that last one.

But she had been quite clear that she was done with me, that she didn’t love me because of that guy sitting over there. I imagined stepping over him and leaving him for Rissa’s dad. Would Odette run to me if Chris was gone forever? Probably not. I thought about Rissa sitting in my truck. She was a sweet girl. I was going to have to be really careful not to corrupt her.

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