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Making It Up – by: Chris

“Luke tells me that now I have to make it up to him. He is making me go out to dinner with some little starlit that needs to shake up her Disney clean image a little.”

I felt triumphant leaving Jake stranded on the curb as I left the hospital with my band-mates. I knew no sweet 17-year-old  surfer girl was coming for him. After our little conversation where he let me know in so many words that against her better judgement, my wife couldn’t help but throw herself at him,  I decided to “help” Rissa out a little. Jake made it easy on me by giving her his phone. All I had to do was call her on it and tell her he was bad news and to drive his truck on over to Luna’s. One more phone call to Luna that Rissa would be staying there for a while and everything was nicely sorted out. The rest of my hospital stay I got to enjoy the thought of him dumped by a kid he’d just risked his life for, rather than the thought of him having his way with my Odette. Damn it. I’ve never done premeditated shit like this before, but I was tired of being stomped on, literally.

I have to say I laughed when I got off the phone and thought about all of the hippy-dippy shit Luna is probably going to throw Rissa’s way, surely involving crystals and chants. At least she is away from her Father…. and Jake. It didn’t take much convincing because Rissa seemed to intuitively know that Jake was bad news. She joked that she was only attracted to the bad ones. I wonder what Odette thinks of it all. I wonder if she can even think of anyone else or if she is just moping around lost in her own world. She didn’t come to our show, that I arranged just so she could see me play without having to travel to us again. 5000 other people did though. I just went through the motions, playing my guitar like a zombie,  separate from everything that was going on. I said all the things I usually say, inserting the words, “St. Augustine” wherever applicable but didn’t play an encore which the other guys were pissed off about for a few minutes. Now as we head out on the bus at midnight without saying goodbye to my girls,  I feel so guilty leaving Zoe there. But I know Luna will watch out for her and kick Odette’s ass if she starts to float away again. Besides, I am too angry right now to be around her Mother and the road is no place for a little girl. I will call Zoe every night – maybe she will even skype with me this time around. I hope she knows how much I love her.

Our manager Luke is really pissed off. Apparently the label went all ape-shit on him once they saw the photos of my face. It is so messed up that I can’t do anything to myself anymore without some dork in a suit getting involved. Obviously if I had the choice, I would never have gotten my ass kicked. Luke tells me that now I have to make it up to him. He is making me go out to dinner with some little starlit that needs to shake up her Disney clean image a little. That is the last thing I want to be doing; taking some airhead to dinner and posing for the paparazzi. I wonder if I should tell Odette. Luke offered to call and let her know what is going on but I actually think it might be good for her to get a little jealous. I wonder if she will be jealous? I just might have to do something to make sure she is.

For now, I just need to sleep. Something tells me this road trip is going to be a lot different than any others we have been on….

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