Clarissa – by: Jake

I don’t know why Rissa ended up being the one for me; maybe because all the odds were against us. I seem to end up only liking the girls that I shouldn’t.

She came out of the guest room to help me in the middle of the night at Luna’s when I woke up freaking out in pain. She put one of the pills they gave me at the hospital down my throat with some water and sat with me while I writhed in agony until they kicked in and I started to drift off to sleep again. But she wouldn’t let me go to sleep. Instead she totally laid into me about how stupid I was about trying to “save” her from her dad and that she was utterly crazy to get mixed up with someone like me when she was trying to get her life back in order blah blah blah. So I had my work cut out for me, trying to get her to understand that yeah, I’m not perfect by any means but I wanted to do the right thing for her, that there was something about her that made me want to protect her and help her and make her happy. I was pretty sauced from the pain meds but I didn’t take anything back in the morning. She agreed to come with me to Athens and it has been a fun ride. She is out of her ever-lovin mind. She is better than me at everything, including tennis, mountain biking, I’m assuming surfing, and she even puts me to shame when we go jogging. Maybe it is because she is only 18 but she insists she is brilliant at everything and I’m starting to believe her. I got her to register to take the exam to get her GED. Then I told her she needs to go to Jr. College and get a real education. She seemed excited about it as long as it didn’t cut into her stupid work hours at her beloved chain restaurant she transferred to from St. Augustine. She does make a lot in tips but I told her she was going to want way more than that someday.

So that trip to St. Augustine ended up being like getting a piece of treasure out of a dark cave. I have never been interested in a real relationship, but Clarissa is amazing. I can’t believe she puts up with my bullshit, but she does and I can’t get home from class fast enough to see her and I take her out instead of buying pot whenever my parents send me money. She even got me to stop thinking about Odette.

I brought her here to Colorado with me for the holidays and New Years. My mom is still flipping out about it, she can’t believe I brought a girl home. She was a bit shocked about how young Rissa is, but whatever, love isn’t perfect, but Clarissa, well she is.

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