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Interview Number I – by: Odette

I thought I was going to get back the usual, “That’s Ok that your project is late, we are just happy to finally have it and it looks great,” email. But instead it said, “This one was too late. Your final paycheck will be mailed out to you this Friday.”

And so I put the most B.S. resume’ together about how experienced and amazing I was at everything and within days, ended up with an interview at a company in town who created websites for small businesses. It was like what I had been doing before, but for the little guys instead of the big guys.

I had no idea what to wear to the interview. Chris said to wear a suit but I didn’t think that was the right thing for a web company where people most likely wore flip-flops to work. So I pulled out my black boots and a cute yellow dress with black lining on it, then pulled my hair in to a ponytail that I gathered to the side so it draped over one shoulder. I walked out into the living room and Chris said that I looked too cute and to go back and change. I laughed and kissed Luna and Zoe on the cheek and headed out to our new, silver Honda Pilot that Chris bought for me. I think the fact that I didn’t really need a job made everything way easier. When I needed a job in the past I didn’t fudge my resume’ or wear cute dresses, I did everything by the book and it took ages to get a job and I was completely beat down by the humiliating process. This time it was kind of a fun challenge and I wasn’t even nervous to meet these people.

But then I got to the offices, the large glass doors seemed a bit intimidating. My boots clicked loudly against the tile floors to the reception area and I even considered taking them of and tiptoeing through this oddly large office for a web company. Usually it was such a small intimate atmosphere. The guy there told me to sit in a lone, plastic chair next to a big wooden door, and that I would be seen shortly. So I sat, and rubbed my feet nervously on the rug placed in front of the chair. The air-conditioning was COLD in there and I started to think that maybe I would just leave and go to the beach. Then the big door flew open and a guy dressed too nicely for a web company, thrust his hand out for me to shake while barely looking at me. I took his hand firmly and completely zapped him and realized I had probably been rubbing my feet to hard on the rug. He jumped back in surprise and I said, “Sorry, I guess I’m electric.”
He looked at me a little confused and I blurted out, “and I have a family full of eccentrics.”
“What?” he said. “You have a family of what?”
“Eccentrics…It’s a song…Oasis.”
My cheeks started to burn at this ridiculous beginning to my interview. I couldn’t even walk in the door without crashing and burning in the first few seconds.
“That’s the name of the group…nevermind.” I shook my head while he was just standing there staring at me like I was some kind of creature he had never seen before in his life.
Then he started to sing in an embarrassingly good voice, “She’s electric, she’s got a family full of eccentrics. She’s done things I’ve never expected.”
He stopped so I finished for him in my sub-par voice, “And I neeeed more time.”
“And your name?” he said.
I thought that was odd he didn’t even look to see who the heck he was interviewing. “Odette”, I said.
“As in, the swan?”
“The good one” I smiled.
“Well that’s a relief” he said, laughing at me, and I felt my cheeks flush again.

And that is how the interview started and at the end he said that he would love to have me but when he told me the ridiculously small salary I balked. I could babysit for that much.
“I’ll have to think about it,” I said.
“How much do you want?” he asked.
When I told him I could tell he was trying again, not to smile. “That is certainly not in our budget right now, Odette, but I will look closely at the writing samples you emailed me and get back with you.”

Then I decided he wasn’t taking me seriously enough. And since I didn’t really care that much about the position I added, “I’m here because I got fired from my last job that paid twice what I’m even asking from you. They kept me on for years longer than they should have because I’m good at this stuff. I’m a professional and for sure better at this job than anyone in this small town.”

He looked utterly turned off. “Why would I want someone who had just been fired?”
“Because that means I’m available, but probably not for long.”

He nodded thoughtfully and said, “OK! Thanks for the interview, Odette.”
I stood up and offered my hand but he kept his arms by his side.
“I think I’ve been shocked enough by you for one day.”

I nodded, my cheeks flushed again and I brushed out of there. “Bye” I mumbled to the front desk guy. He looked up smiling brightly at me this time and I thought, at least I mixed up their boring morning a little.

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