When I got there it was late and Kat wasn’t answering her texts or her phone. So I drove to her house and parked illegally on her street then made my way through her screened-in front porch to knock on her front door. There was a note attached to it so I immediately, thinking it must be for me, pulled it from the door and opened the folds to read it. It said, “I can’t do this anymore hon. We are over, for good. Stop calling me, it’s pitiful.”

I carefully folded the note back into what I thought it had originally been and smoothed it as best as I could. What was I going to do with this? I tried to tape it back on to the door with the bit of tape it had stuck on it, but it immediately came loose and fell to the concrete by my feet. I looked at it, thought about it, then gently kicked it under the wicker couch that was right there by the door. If she saw this note, she would never go out and have fun dancing with me, she would just mope all weekend long. I sat down on the couch and wondered what to do. I could try and break into her house or I could just go and stay at a hotel. But how boring to stay at a hotel. I looked at the window that was next to the front door. I bet it wasn’t locked. Kat was always leaving her keys in her ignition and her doors unlocked. I put my fingers in the edges of the screen but they wouldn’t fit. So I took out my keys and the van key fit nicely in the edge of the screen and I was able to pop it out then put it carefully on the couch. I tugged at the window that came open easily and I laughed, Kat was so predictable. I climbed in, shut and locked the window then looked around me in disgust. The place was a dump. Well, the least I could do was clean it up for her since I had just broken in to her house.

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