By, Kat: Coffee Shop

“Hey Ian, what’s up?” I plopped my ass down on the counter stool and fiddled with the straws as I waited for my bud to begin to fill my coffee cup.

Ian came over to the counter smiling, “Hey gorgeous, ready for some decaf?” we both laughed at that thought and I reminded him that I’ve only had three cups this morning, but who’s counting?

“Hey, so listen. My friend is coming to town. You are going to love her. Odette. Did I tell you about her before? She’s really cute and sweet and everybody loves her. Does my ass look big to you? I want a chocolate shake but I shouldn’t. I am going to totally go anorexic after Odette leaves.”

Ian laughed, “Listen girl, you have got to slow down. No, your ass isn’t any bigger than when you asked me yesterday, and it still looks pretty damn good in those shorty shorts. So have your damn chocolate breakfast-shake and relax. And by the way, this better not be some kind of weird fix-up. I don’t need to meet any more of your psycho friends.”

“Shut up. No, Odette is married and has a kid. She’s totally off the market. I want to get her drunk tonight. Where should we go? Oh God this is a good shake. Did you put Slim Fast in it for me again this time? She’s like a really good dancer. Or, she was. Do people with kids still go dancing? Oh my God, did I tell you that Paul called me again? This sugar-caffine overload is blowing my mind.”

Ian signed as he took my shake away from me and placed a glass of water down in its’ place. “Kat, lets just do water for now. Did you work an all-nighter again? I can’t believe the way you nurses destroy your own bodies….. So, do you want to come to a party with Shelby and me? It’s out in the woods, should be fun. Would your friend like that? What is she like?”

I started to think about the last time I saw Odette and wondered if she has changed much. Would she even like to go out? Maybe she just wanted to sit up all night and talk? Should I be taking time off work while she was here?

Just then I heard a loud bang causing me to nearly fall off my stool. “Fuck, Ian what was that?” We both saw it at once and after I got over the shock of seeing a VW bus in working order come barreling towards the coffee shop, I realized who the blonde was behind the wheel.

Ian began to clear the customers away from the window seats for fear that she would crash right through the window and I started to laugh hysterically as I realized that Odette was still as weird and fabulous as ever.

“Ian, this is going to be a fucking brilliant weekend”

Published by Emmerson Grace H.

Writer for Odette on (Wordpress blog) BA in fiction writing Mom of 3 with an amazing husband. We play lots of music, dance every day and read tons of books. Writing Inspiration: The skateboarders of my teens, the artists & traveling adventure-seekers of my 20's and the musicians of my 30's. (My 7-year-old son thinks I should add that I am not actually blue...that's just filter effects and the light from the computer screen. And my husband says I look like I am from Avatar or from Nabu. But...oh well.)

One thought on “By, Kat: Coffee Shop

  1. Dear Odette,
    Thanks you for your post, 1.age?
    2.who is your favorite artist/band?
    3.what is your favorite film?
    4.what is your favorite clothes shop/brand?
    5.who is your idol?
    6.tea, coffee or hot chocolate?
    7.cold or hot weather?
    8.if you were a animal what would you be?
    9.your first gig/concert? (if youve been to one)
    10.any phobias?
    11.your best joke?
    12.the big question…. gingers? soul or no soul???

    yes i know there are alot of these but im bored so please answer 🙂

    2.motley crue
    3.requiem for a dream
    4.H&M or iron fist
    5.kat von d
    6.raspberry tea 🙂
    7.cold weather
    9.30 seconds to mars
    10.betroot, manniquins and darkness (yes i have weird phobias)
    11.not my joke but you cant beat “hey apple, hey hey apple…your fruity” :p
    12.well im ginger so im gonna say yes i have a soul XD
    Nice One!

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