Home is Where…

I live with my 2-year-old daughter and my husband who is tired of my grief, in a small house in College Town USA. It is a cute "cracker" house. My parents own it and rent it out. We are renting it from them for now at a good price. I love the front door.

I Do Count Them…

...blessings that is. I suppose "ungrateful bliss" means I know I have an amazing life but I still choose to make mistakes and I am realistic enough to know that my actions could jeopardize my happiness and the happiness of those I love the most. I'm still reeling about something that happened the other day. … Continue reading I Do Count Them…

A Temporary Dream Come True – by: Odette

It is Saturday morning, about 5am.  I couldn't sleep...so I'll write. Then maybe I'll be able to sleep. I had a really good reason for cheating on my husband 2 days ago, beginning with getting hit on the head with a stick by the guy I cheated with.  The college student was actually playing catch … Continue reading A Temporary Dream Come True – by: Odette

Like Jewels That You Can Eat

When I was a blonde, pigtailed, obnoxious but polite dancer-child, my activist Grandma had a tube of Smarties (from the England aisle at the grocery store) in her purse. They are like MnM's, like colorful, chocolate jewels that melt on your tongue. There was only one left and Meliah wanted it. My Grandma said, "Well, … Continue reading Like Jewels That You Can Eat

It is So Sad I Can Barely Write This

I was driving Zoe to a doctors appt on campus. It was 3:00 in the afternoon and I was in a bad mood. I was sad because... I didn't even know why. It was a useless, sadness-for-no-reason feeling which was erased from my life after what happened next.  I thought about calling Meliah to talk … Continue reading It is So Sad I Can Barely Write This

What’s Done is Done

I waited as she had her conversation with the plumber. It lasted for a long time. I breathed through it and held it together and held it together as I felt anger starting to burn while I waited and gasped. "OK, what's up?" she said. "Meliah was killed in a car accident." "What?" I found … Continue reading What’s Done is Done