Judgment and French Fries – by: Jake

I have to say I was pretty surprised when Odette pulled up in my truck, headlights blinding me as she parked practically on my feet. I had been sitting there on the curb outside of the ER for about an hour-and-a-half, randomly wandering in and asking the nurses to use the reception phone to listenContinue reading “Judgment and French Fries – by: Jake”

That Waiting Room Conversation – by: Jake

“Don’t think that we are friends now” Chris said. “Dragging me into and out of life-threatening situations doesn’t change what you have done to my family. I know all this stuff is a joke to you, but I’m pretty seriously affected by what you have done with Odette. So is my daughter.” I thought toContinue reading “That Waiting Room Conversation – by: Jake”

From The Car To The E.R. – by: Jake

At Chris’s suggestion, we stopped off at the grocery store looking like total hooligans and picked up a bag of frozen peas for Rissa’s face. Then when we got to the ER we sat in the parking lot for a minute to get our bearings. “What are we going to say in there?” I askedContinue reading “From The Car To The E.R. – by: Jake”