by Jake: Dancing With Odette

And to think, I almost didn't get in my truck to go see the big game between the Gators and the Georgia Bulldogs because I had just rented a video game from the Box on my way out of the grocery store from getting the kind of peanut butter that they pull the real peanut oil out of … Continue reading by Jake: Dancing With Odette

Back On The Beach – by: Jake

It was strange to be back in St. Augustine and to know that I wouldn't be seeing Odette. It had been a pretty awesome few days. Rissa and I just spent the whole time either holed up in our small hotel room on the beach, at some cafe' where she knew every damn person that … Continue reading Back On The Beach – by: Jake

Clarissa – by: Jake

I don't know why Rissa ended up being the one for me; maybe because all the odds were against us. I seem to end up only liking the girls that I shouldn't. She came out of the guest room to help me in the middle of the night at Luna's when I woke up freaking … Continue reading Clarissa – by: Jake

Judgment and French Fries – by: Jake

I have to say I was pretty surprised when Odette pulled up in my truck, headlights blinding me as she parked practically on my feet. I had been sitting there on the curb outside of the ER for about an hour-and-a-half, randomly wandering in and asking the nurses to use the reception phone to listen … Continue reading Judgment and French Fries – by: Jake

Questioning – by: Jake

I never question myself, but now as yet another choice was imploding on me, I wondered if I needed to just take some sort of a break from humanity. Maybe over Christmas I would hike a portion of the Appellation Trail. I felt calmer just imagining the utter silence of the wilderness except for my … Continue reading Questioning – by: Jake

Curbed – by: Jake

I learned today that ribs don't get fixed. They stay fractured until they heal on their own. Chris is dealing with it too, at least I think he is from what I could hear across the hallway. His whole stupid band ended up coming to the hospital to get him. I really didn't want to … Continue reading Curbed – by: Jake

That Waiting Room Conversation – by: Jake

"Don't think that we are friends now" Chris said. "Dragging me into and out of life-threatening situations doesn't change what you have done to my family. I know all this stuff is a joke to you, but I'm pretty seriously affected by what you have done with Odette. So is my daughter." I thought to … Continue reading That Waiting Room Conversation – by: Jake

From The Car To The E.R. – by: Jake

At Chris's suggestion, we stopped off at the grocery store looking like total hooligans and picked up a bag of frozen peas for Rissa's face. Then when we got to the ER we sat in the parking lot for a minute to get our bearings. "What are we going to say in there?" I asked … Continue reading From The Car To The E.R. – by: Jake

Let It Go – by: Jake

The bedroom door opened and I heard a scared voice say, "Dad, just let it go." He stood up slowly, his arm pushing off his bent knee with a sudden weariness. He sat on the creaking, sinking bed, still holding the gun with two hands, shaking it In the general direction of my ear. I … Continue reading Let It Go – by: Jake

Botched Attempt – by: Jake

“This is so messed up” Chris said. “I’m waiting out here." I took a few breaths and walked through the living room to where I could hear the muffled crying. It was getting louder and sounded like it was coming from a door on the other side of the dining room. Perhaps that lead into … Continue reading Botched Attempt – by: Jake