Song For the Weekend – Juanita by Gram Parsons, Sung by Emmy Lou and Sheryl Crow

No affection were the words That stuck on my mind When she walked out on me For the very last time Oh, mama, sweet mama Can you tell me what to say I don’t know what i’ve done To be treated this way In a cold dirty room That’s where i found myself With aContinue reading “Song For the Weekend – Juanita by Gram Parsons, Sung by Emmy Lou and Sheryl Crow”

Scrambling – by: Jake

I crouched shivering in the ceramic bathtub in my boxers with my phone pressed against my ear. How perfect that  the only person that could help me right now probably wanted me dead anyway. I was a little surprised when he answered Odette’s phone but I didn’t have time to waste by asking questions. “Chris,”Continue reading “Scrambling – by: Jake”

Guns, Guts and Glory – by: Jake

Rissa’s dad squeezed in past the door, shut us both in the bathroom and offered me a seat with a smile, pointing to the toilet. I put the lid down and sat on it with my hands between my knees. I was literally shaking. He made himself comfortable on the edge of the bathtub, pushingContinue reading “Guns, Guts and Glory – by: Jake”

(Jake’s) Song For The Weekend – Elliott Smith, Waltz #2

Lyrics: First the mic, then a half cigarette Singing “Cathy’s Clown” That’s the man that she’s married to now That’s the girl that he takes around town She appears composed, so she is, I suppose Who can really tell? She shows no emotion at all Stares into space like a dead china doll I’m neverContinue reading “(Jake’s) Song For The Weekend – Elliott Smith, Waltz #2”

4:00 am in St. Augustine, FL – by: Jake

I slammed my hand down on the little dinger and shivered. The hotel lobby smelled like coconut and sweat and it was about the size of one of the bathrooms in my parent’s house. I dinged again. At 4am there was a possibility I would be standing here for a while. But then some oldContinue reading “4:00 am in St. Augustine, FL – by: Jake”

That Girl – by: Jake

I’m all ready to go. My tent and sleeping bag and surf board are in the back of the truck. Milo is watching me from the living room window with his tongue hanging out, smiling, if a dog can smile. I wave at him, throw my pillow in the passenger side,  I’m about to tossContinue reading “That Girl – by: Jake”