Vodka and Water – by: Jake

Odette’s gone for a month. The whole street is quiet. The football game is out of town this weekend and almost everyone left to follow them to Atlanta. I went out to a club last night with my roommate. I figured I would try and forget about her. The club played some serious booty musicContinue reading “Vodka and Water – by: Jake”

Surfing In Florida – by: Jake

This weekend I took (my dog) Milo and met some guys out at Sebastian Inlet to go surfing. We got there at sunrise, prime feeding time for sharks so I wouldn’t let Milo in the water…which was pretty difficult since he is a surf lab. I had to keep him company on the sand. SoContinue reading “Surfing In Florida – by: Jake”

All’s Fair In… -by Jake

I know some people might think that I am an asshole for what I did. But everyone knows that all’s fair in love and war, and today it was simply time for me to take control of the situation. I honestly couldn’t get to the stadium fast enough. I formed the words in my headContinue reading “All’s Fair In… -by Jake”